Commercial Flexibility

  • Three-month minimum contract
  • Self-activated SIMs align cost with use
  • No contract release fees
  • No cost to suspend SIMs


Pay for the SIMs in your devices, not your stockroom
Only pay for the SIMs you activate

Traditional mobile data contracts don’t work for emerging IoT applications. They hit profit margins, stall innovation and add extra administrative burden.

Because we believe no SIM contract should endure longer than the device it governs, our terms are as short as three months – after which our SIMs are on a monthly notice period. This allow our customers to closely control costs, paying only for what they use.

Also, our customers don’t pay for auto-activated SIMs gathering dust on a stockroom shelf. Our self-activated SIMs align cost with use and purchased cards can sit in stock for up to 12 months without charge.

For further flexibility, customers can suspend and cancel SIMs with no contract release charge. Just give notice and pay for the current month. Suspended SIMs can be held for up to 12 months and then reactivated for use under the original or a new tariff.