Cameras save lives by helping to improve driving and save money by reducing insurance premiums and claims.

Our resilient connectivity ensures incident-driven CCTV maintains ubiquitous, uninterrupted coverage.

M2M Intelligence have unbeatable 3G and 4G services to handle the high data throughput and affordable tariffs that make the case for deployment undeniable.



Enlightened drivers and fleet managers are installing cameras to capture the events leading up to incidents on the road. This invaluable record is increasingly settling disputed claims without the need for costly legal processes or court time.

The sometimes contentious data can be vulnerable to tampering or loss if only locally stored on cards, especially if it was recording a driver’s misdemeanours causing an incident.

To combat this, the better systems are now connected via 3G/4G wireless and automatically send a clip of video to the server if an incident is detected.

Clearly the fleet manager benefits by having the earliest possible access to the incident recording, and maximising coverage and connection resilience can greatly aid that process.

M2M Intelligence have tens of thousands of SIMs in cameras across the world, and our range of tariffs from multiple Tier-1 service providers make this a very affordable solution.