The RAC, one of the UK's largest and most progressive motoring organisations, has around eight million members and commercial fleet customers. It is a single contact point for motorists’ needs including home breakdown and roadside rescue, telematics, accident management, insurance, vehicle inspections and checks.

"The ability to communicate remotely is extremely important in providing the live data when you really need it, such as identifying a vehicle's location in the event of a traffic incident or breakdown. From first conception we needed a connectivity partner that we could trust to deliver, quickly."

Nick Walker, Managing Director of RAC Telematics.

The challenge

RAC Telematics provides its customers with a comprehensive picture of how their vehicles are performing as well as monitoring and measuring driver behaviour, using a smart device fitted in the vehicle.

The data includes tracking, fuel use, vehicle diagnostics, driver behaviour and crash detection.

The RAC devices need to always be connected to provide reliable data. This requires optimum network coverage, as well as a simple method of monitoring the entire estate.

The solution

From the initial trial onwards, the RAC has worked with IoT connectivity experts M2M Intelligence to design and deploy a reliable and cost effective solution.

M2M Intelligence maximise coverage  with multi-network SIM cards which allow access over the UK’s four mobile operators’ networks and multiple operators in Europe.

This means that the RAC's customers are guaranteed the best service.

M2M Intelligence also provides the RAC with real-time visibility over their entire SIM estate via the M2M-i Insight portal.

The results

M2M Intelligence provided the RAC with a reliable and cost-effective solution that allowed the RAC to launch a new product to a global market with absolute confidence.

Vehicles travelling through a range of geographic locations, with varying levels of signal, can always connect to the best available network.

M2M Intelligence’s Insight Portal has allowed the RAC to access a constant view of their SIM estate in real-time.

Further, M2M Intelligence worked with the RAC to integrate with the RAC’s own telematics platform to enable automation of key tasks, saving time and money and improving the customer experience.