About M2M Intelligence

M2M Intelligence was founded by a team of experienced global telecoms professionals with a vision to deliver engineered solutions and the highest levels of service to customers for whom IoT connectivity and control are essential.

A customer-driven approach to IoT communications

Our start point is to gain a detailed understanding your requirements before building the technical and commercial solution that will resolve your challenges.

Working with globally renowned brands, we have developed a portfolio of communications solutions that offer far more than simple connectivity. These target some perennial issues.

The M2M Intelligence Team

Andrew Wendon-Smith, Chairman

After a career in fixed line telecoms culminating in the sale of Opal to form Talk Talk, Andrew focused on investment in mobile technology start up businesses. M2M Intelligence was born out of his recognition that clients in this market needed a more personalised approach that would help them achieve their business goals. Andrew’s expertise in domestic and international business development helped build a strong foundation for M2M Intelligence fitting it well for the dramatic growth it is now experiencing.

Paul Bandell, CEO

Paul has sat on the boards of numerous technology companies, and over the past 20 years has developed several highly successful multi-million turnover businesses world-wide. He has set up joint venture companies and implemented global alliances and partnership strategies in markets such as Russia, China, Brazil and Asia. Paul’s track record is one of profitably exploiting new technologies and enabling the transformation of industry value chains.

Matthew Owen, CMO

Matthew’s background includes practical stuff like Transport & Logistics, Quality Engineering and R&D gained in the global consumer goods (Duracell) and Enterprise IT Services environment. Before he co-founded M2M Intelligence, Matthew led BT Global Services worldwide sectors including Oil, Gas & Energy, Automotive and Engineering, and before that FMCG, Retail and Logistics. Matthew’s aim is to bring the Enterprise Solutions approach from global fixed line communications into the Internet of Things / M2M market to ensure a critical value added component delivers on its promise.

Jon Nelson, CTO

Jon is a highly experienced Telecom Projects and Product Manager and Chartered Engineer with a background in electronic hardware design. He has been involved in all aspects of telecommunications product development working with project teams, customers and suppliers around the world in previous roles with Telent, Marconi and GPT.

Roy Jackson, COO

Roy brings long experience as a CTO operating in the Mobile and Telecoms markets with deep knowledge of the M2M market and a track record of delivering complex technical solutions that drive revenue and profitable growth. Prior to M2M Intelligence, Roy was Business Development Director at X2 Connect, responsible for the global deployment of Interactive Terminals and Kiosks, Set up of JV’s, the development and delivery of new revenue streams and the creation of Technology Partnerships, and before that he was CTO of Marconi Interactive Systems.

Liz Orrin MAAT, Financial Controller

Liz is a highly experienced financial manager. She has worked in a broad range of large and small businesses, within a variety of industries. This is in addition to having managed her own business. Liz is proficient in book-keeping, adept at employing a variety of financial management software utilities and applications. Liz is also responsible for ISO accreditation, HR, event planning and is a qualified first aider.

Dr David Fell, Product & Project Director

David is an experienced and highly skilled company director, specialising in marketing, consumer behaviour, business planning, product strategy, product development, technical sales and operational management. David has extensive international experience in telecommunications markets, developing and delivering innovative and high performing solutions together with a diverse array of partner organisations.

Chris Cox, Support Engineer

Chris has a wealth of experience in electronics, hardware and software development for the telecoms industry. This in addition to other roles as a customer and IT support engineer. Chris has also been a biomedical engineer within the NHS, helping to maintain ward equipment and as a specialist medical technician maintaining the radiotherapy machines used at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Steve Parker, Support Engineer

Chris Patterson, Software Engineer

Chris is a senior software developer and manager with over twenty years’ experience delivering software for a variety of platforms including embedded, desktop and web in environments as diverse as Windows, Linux, C++ and ASP.NET. Chris has led teams as a Certified Scrum Master using Agile development methods for day-to-day team management, including performance management.

Rob Leighton, Software Developer

Rob is a highly skilled software developer with over twenty years’ experience delivering software for a variety of platforms including; embedded systems, Java, C# WPF, Android & Mobile App developments. Rob is highly skilled at implementing IoT communication protocols. Rob also has extensive experience in developing media, remote camera control and VR/AR projects as well as creating innovative kiosk solutions.

Brian Downey, Software Engineer

Tom Macallister, Business Development Director

Tom is a highly experienced senior manager in a wide range of disciplines including sales sector management in fixed, IT and mobile telecommunications. Tom also has extensive experience in programme and project management of major technology projects. In his roles Tom has also specialised in business strategic analysis, business effectiveness and business process re-engineering. Tom has also played a key role in developing community health effectiveness; including tele-health and tele-care projects.

Steve Warren, Business Development Director, CEO Asian IoT Solutions